• Administration and project department (7th floor in Kattegat silo)
  • 2 available offices for customers, 1 Canteen at 9th floor
  • Planning and production
  • Receipt of goods, warehouse
  • Quay facilities, Depth of water: 9 meter
  • Open storage area: 120 meters x 50 meters (2 areas )
  • Cranes: 1 Crane (100 ton), 2 mobile Cranes (220 ton – 800 ton)
  • 3D profilling pipe cutting
  • Stainless steel workshop 824 m2
  • Carbon steel workshop 2.500 m2
  • Assembly workshop 1200 m2
  • QC and 3D scan area
  • NDT testing
  • Pressure testing and PWHT
  • Coating and painting (Norsok M501)


  • Project department
  • Planning and production
  • Receipt of goods, warehouse
  • Cutting
  • Stainless steel workshop
  • Carbon steel workshop
  • QC and 3D scan area
  • Production and assembly facility no. 1 (1050 m²)
  • Production and assembly facility no. 2 (2100 m²)
  • NDT testing
  • Pressure testing and post weld heat treatment
  • Coating and painting

Victor-DST is located in Frederikshavn and Esbjerg, Denmark

Frederikshavn is Denmark's northern offshore and marine cluster, and Esbjerg is the offshore business capital of Denmark.

Both locations are placed in a vibrant and growing industry in the maritime and energy sector. The Port of Esbjerg is Denmark's official hub for the North Sea oil and gas activities and transportation of goods.

Victor-DST is also represented at Lindø Industrial Park. At Lindø Industrial Park we have an office which enables us to make solutions in close co-operation with our customers.

With facilities in excess of 11,000 m² at our disposal, Victor-DST is one of the largest and most modern specialist welding companies in Denmark. Our state-of-the-art technology and tooling systems provides an optimal working environment, where safety and quality control are highly prioritized.

Besides engineering, project management, welding production and installation (EPC/I), we offer on-site pressure testing, x-ray, post-welding heat treatment and ultrasound inspections.

Victor DST - Frederikshavn
Victor DST - Esbjerg Ø