Victor DST is optimistic about the future

24/04 2017

30th March Victor DST’s managing director, Ole Nygaard represented the company at an energy political conference at Christiansborg concerning the district heating industry.

There were over 100 attendees participating in debates and listening to presentations about heat pumps amongst other topics at the energy political conference concerning the district heating industry. The official theme was “Market possibilities in the EU and the integration of energy systems”. Ole Nygaard shares his thoughts about his participation:

It was an exciting and instructive day, and I left the conference very optimistic. It seems like the future will bring many projects within the district heating industry which will create a huge potential for Victor DST. Among others the conference confirms that we were right in changing our strategy to focus also on the energy sector onshore and especially the district heating industry. We believe our focus on heat pump solutions and partnership with IES Energy will bring us more orders, and we look forward to seeing what the future brings while remaining optimistic.

Please click here to read more and see the presentations from the conference.