Quality, Health, Safety, Environment

Many of our people at Victor-DST work in harsh, offshore environments. On rigs and platforms, our people are exposed to the ravages of the sea where wind speeds and temperature fluctuations can be extreme. Constantly, they are surrounded by heavy machinery for drilling flammable – or even explosive – raw materials. Thats why we take the environments we work in and our people’s health and safety very seriously.

Health and safety first

All our staff participates regulary in safety courses. We work closely together with our customers enabling us constantly to monitor our activities ensuring safety. If we find anything lacking we will take action immediately: protecting people and assets – both ours and our customer’s – always comes first. We are proud of our safety record, and we publish annual health and safety reports .

Environmental stewardship

We respect the environments we work in and take every precaution to minimise our impact on them. Every year we publish an environmental report, which we submit to local authorities for approval.

Quality assurance

All our processes and projects fulfills our quality system, safety requirements and environmental regulations.